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Amliyat e Qurani Books. Al-ilaj ba Al-Quran Al-kareem By Muhammad noor al-ham Hardback: 198 pages.


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Aamal E Qurani (in Urdu PDF Format). Dear Customar, if you want to buy any Amliyat book offline , u can mail . With the effect of Qurani Amliyat aur Wazaif, you do not have to search right path.


Urdu PDF Books Download : Amliyat Books | Amliyat Qurani - Scribd. Amliyat e sunnat e Qurani By molana sufi muhammad awal shah .... 73908997-Altaf-al-Quds-Urdu-translation-by-Shah-Wali-ullah-Dehlavi.pdf.


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