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15.3kN/mm would sound much closer? That modulus of rigity I took from one company's page that makes car springs, maybe I won't buy from them, lol.


Moment of force unit conversion between kilonewton meter and newton millimeter, newton millimeter to kilonewton meter conversion in batch, kN.m N.mm conversion chart.


тонна силы на квадратный метр · ньютон на квадратный метр (N/m²). килоньютон на квадратный метр (kN/m²). меганьютон на квадратный метр ( MN/m²). www.convert-me.com. Изображения по запросу convert 1 kn m to n mm.


Because they represent related material properties, learn to convert between GPa and N/mm^2.


i need convert: 1.8 kN/m to lbs/inch 10.3 N to lbs/inch 0.206 kN/m to oz/in 0.210 kN/m to oz/in 7.0 Mils to mm. please help me whit this, i have a big problem.


Measurement calculator that can be used to convert N/mm² to kN/m², among others. --- Conversion-calculator for measurement units. Supports a huge number of measurement units.


Quickly convert kilonewtons/meter into newtons/millimeter (KN/m to N/mm) using the online calculator for metric conversions and more.


Example #2: Stress in SI Units Stress is force divided by area. If the stress is 1 N/mm2, what is the stress in MPa? Step 1 There is no algebra to solve here because we are converting one unit to another.


One kilonewton meter converted into newton millimeter equals = 1,000,000.00 N mm.


newton millimeter to kilonewton meter (N·mm—kN·m) measurement units conversion.