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I'm looking for a word to replace "percentage" for numbers between 0 and 1. To explain: what I'm actually dealing with are decimals (like 0.12), semantically however they serve the purpose of percentages (the equivalent here being 12%, obviously). So my number between 0 and 1 is not a...


What are the currents I2 and I3?


Страницы статусов заказов можно увидеть набрав в поисковике запрос вида «inurl:0 inurl:b inurl:1 inurl:c статус заказа» (http


Is there a way without using logic and bitwise operators, just arithmetic operators, to flip between integers with the value 0 and 1? ie. "variable ?= variable" will make variable a 1 if it 0 or 0 if it is...


(1) 0/1 = simply means what do you multiply ‘1’ with to get ‘0’ . So as you know multiplying ‘1’ with a ‘0’ gives you zero , so the answer is zero.


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