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The Motorola CLP PMR446 Two-Way Radio is the sleek radio that gets the job done without getting in the way. Designed specifically for retail, hospitality, and restaurant environments, CLP is small and...


The Motorola CLP Two-Way Radio delivers all that and more – with its small size, lightweight design, easy push-to-talk button, crystal-clear audio and comfortable earpieces.


Motorola CLP radios are perfect for public settings because they are fully wireless and feature an earpiece/microphone that allows for hands-free use.


Motorola CLP Two-Way Radio. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, hotel guests expect a quiet, well-managed environment for working or relaxing.


The Motorola CLP1040 On-Site Two-Way Business Radio features an innovative design created specifically for restaurants, hospitality, and retail businesses.


User Guide. Model CLP1010, CLP1040, and CLP1060 (with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology).


: Motorola CLP разработаны специально для розничной торговли, ресторанов и предприятий сферы обслуживания.


Products • Motorola CLP. Two-Way Radios Benefits • Comfortable to wear • Easy to use • Stylish design • Durability and long life. USE CASE Motorola CLP Two-Way Radio.


219 USD. Some Great Information Sources for Motorola CLP Radios: VIDEO (6:07) - Complete Motorola CLP Radio Overview Motorola CLP User Guide.


Connect Motorola CLP to a PC with a data cable to customize your radio settings. Unit-to-unit programming of radio configurations and user menu settings.