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Sennheiser EZX 70. Bluetooth-гарнитура, вес 9 г, время работы 8 ч, поддержка Bluetooth 3.0, шумоподавление, голосовой набор.

The EZX 70 Bluetooth headset is the wireless solution for phone calls with superb sound quality. The EZX 70’s long battery life of up to 8 hours makes it especially suitable for professional applications.

4.8 427 sennheiser ezx 70 amazon. Черная пятница. Как же всё было на самом деле / Geektimes.

EZX 70 обеспечивает свободу беспроводной связи и удобное обращение с мобильным телефоном без помощи рук.

The Sennheiser EZX 70 Bluetooth® mono headset is the perfect hands-free Smartphone companion on the road. It allows you to carry out a safer conversation while driving or any other time you need to keep your hands free.

Maybe I will not spend too florid so that give a “great” word from the Bluetooth headset Sennheiser EZX 70. Never again They have a Sennheiser Bluetooth headset is equipped with such features for a price “unbelievable” 1. OPEN BOX.

Check out the design and ... Sennheiser Presence Basic Bluetooth Headset. Weitere Informationen über Amazon-Deutschland: http

Sennheiser EZX 70.

Sennheiser Headphone Spares » Sennheiser Headsets » EZX 70. Product Details: Spare parts and replacement accessories for Sennheiser EZX70 USB wireless bluetooth ear hook headset.